About us

Why ArchVi?

Hear us out: Customer experience can elevate or drop your chances of selling the property.

Today, your customers would want to check out your property anywhere and anytime. So what if you can bring it to them?
ArchVI has got you covered.

ArchVI is strategically made keeping in mind the boom in the real estate market and the need to create a smooth experience. Your customers can now get a better understanding of what the property looks like from interiors and amenities to places of interest.


An all-in-one prop tech tool designed for real estate businesses

Revolutionize the way clients experience properties with immersive 360-degree tours. Capture every detail and showcase the unique selling points of each space, elevating the potential of your real estate listings.

Beyond Viewing

Experience Our Interactive Property Showcase

Immerse your clients in a captivating journey through our properties. With our cutting-edge tools, they'll soar through panoramic Drone 360 views, explore Tower Wise perspectives, navigate Floor Layouts, and grasp Unit Isometrics. It's not just a tour; it's an adventure in visualizing their dream space.



Seize Every Opportunity

Transform Interests into Sales Leads

Preserve Organic Leads: Every visit, every expressed interest in a unit becomes an opportunity. Capture these moments effortlessly and turn them into tangible leads. Watch your sales pipeline flourish as you nurture these organic connections into loyal customers.

Tailored Experiences

Showcase Desired Units, Drive Interest

Manage Inventory: Give your clients the power to envision their ideal space and witness the breadth of possibilities. Showcase their desired units, let them experience the allure firsthand, and instill confidence in the diversity of available options. Manage inventory seamlessly, creating a tailored experience that resonates with each individual.


The Future

Tomorrow's property management landscape will be shaped by innovation. Interactive walkthroughs will redefine how properties are showcased, enabling stakeholders to visualise spaces remotely and make informed decisions effortlessly


You can see amenities like schools, colleges, hospitals and any nearby transportation hubs.

Yes, customers and real estate companies can view this on their mobile phones.

A customer can sign up by entering their phone number and OTP. Based on the properties they view, you can get live information about their interests and can communicate with them directly.

You can just present the property to your customers. We shall take care of designing and uploading the walkthrough.

Yes. We have an inventory feature where you can see the number of free properties based on the filters you add. Units here are divided into 3 parts- Free, fast filling and full.